High-performing routed Hebel panels in Melbourne for distinctive contemporary facades.

The Hebel PowerPattern range introduces a collection of patterns pre-routed onto the Hebel panels in Melbourne to bring your creative vision to life.

Modular in design, and intended to work with the other panels in the collection, each panel is custom-made to order and can be combined with a range of paint, render and spray-on coating systems to achieve a variety of looks including metallic, sandstone and polished concrete finishes.

Non combustible Hebel PowerPattern panel contains steel reinforcement for added strength with an anti-corrosion layer on the steel for maximum durability.

The PowerPattern range is available in four contemporary collections:

  • Lineal Collection
  • Geometric Collection
  • Prism Collection
  • Organic Collection

Ready to turn your creative vision into reality? Achieve your desired look, from metallic to polished concrete finishes, all with the added benefits of non-combustible strength and durability. Explore our four contemporary collections of PowerPattern Hebel panels in Melbourne and start transforming your spaces today.

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Beyond aesthetics, PowerPattern panels are engineered for non-combustible strength, fortified with steel reinforcement and an anti-corrosion layer for enduring durability. Dive into the PowerPattern universe, where your imagination knows no bounds, and discover how it can transform your spaces into truly distinctive works of art.

Strong and solid

Energy efficient

Quality and speed

Eco friendly

Noise reduction

Fire resistant

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