The ever-rising cost of living is forever a hot talking point in today’s day and age, and energy
bills in particular are always on the up and up.

So what does that have to do with Hebel you might ask?
Well, one of the well-known benefits of Hebel is that it’s energy efficient and can reduce some of
those costly bills.

According to; “Hebel panels perform well thermally, helping to keep your building
cool from the heat in summer, and keeping it warm in winter. That means less reliance on
heating and cooling, and can lead to savings on energy costs.”

The thermal benefits of Hebel panels can be found in the external walls with PowerPanel and
PanelPanel XL, and also in the flooring with a PowerFloor.

Made from Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC), the PowerPanels have superior insulation
qualities as opposed to traditional brick veneer build. The PowerFloor in particular boasts
a panel thickness of 75mm, which is compared to lightweight timber flooring which is around 19mm
thick, keeping the harsh climate out of the home.

Combined, the two Hebel systems complete an extremely energy-efficient home that can help
ease the much-publicized cost of living.

Be sure to contact us, Melbourne’s leading Hebel specialists, for your next build. And check out
the rest of our website for more information on Hebel.

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