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  • With Hebel tm PowerWall ™, your building will reach lock-up stage sooner
  • The installation of Hebel ™ PowerWall ™ is very fast, especially on purpose-designed structures.
  • Any competent tradesperson can easily install Hebel ™ PowerWall ™. Two people can install up to 100m2 of external wall in about three days.
  • The modular design of the dwelling minimises waste.
  • A standard 2400mm Hebel ™ PowerPanel ™ weighs about 74kg when delivered*, which two Hebel building specialists can position. No cranes are required.



  • Hebel ™ PowerWall ™ gives you great freedom in designing your establishment and you can customise the style by applying coloured and textured coatings to the PowerPanels.
  • A thinner external wall results in greater internal living space and design flexibility. A 50mm reduction in external wall thickness can provide about 2% extra internal space for the same external dimensions.



  • Hebel ™ PowerWall ™ is a solid choice. It’s extremely strong, and each Hebel ™ PowerWall ™ is steel-reinforced.
  • Capable of up to four hours of fire resistance for a fire source on the PowerPanel ™ side.
  • Hebel ™ PowerWall ™ does not provide a food source for vermin or termites.


Lower Energy Costs

  • As with all Hebel ™ products, Hebel ™ PowerWall ™ has excellent thermal properties. This feature results in lower heating and cooling costs at no additional building expense.



  • No propping: No requirement for rigid propping, as panel are supported by the joists
  • Good load carrying capacity: Hebel PowerFloor systems can support a maximum uniformly distributed load of 5kPa, or concentrated (point) load of 1.8kN over a load area of 350mm2 with joists at 600mm maximum centres.
  • Low wastage: Minimal on-site cutting as panels are supplied in standard lengths to suit joist spacing.
  • Rapid installation: Typical placement rates of 70m2/day can be achieved.
  • Tranquility: Hebel PowerFloor is designed for superior acoustic insulation.
  • Termite resistant: AAC is not a food source for termites.
  • No pre-drilling required
  • Fire resistance: Excellent resistance to fires.
  • Solidity: Hebel PowerFloor is extremely strong and each panel is reinforced with corrosion-protected steel mesh.
  • Thermal Resistance: Hebel PowerFloor’s better thermal efficiency.



CSR Hebel produces a wide range of solid masonry blocks for a variety of construction applications. Hebel blocks are most commonly and effectively used for load-bearing wall construction.

Thermoblocks have excellent thermal insulation properties. Sonoblocks are manufactured to a higher density that provides superior acoustic insulation.

Hebel Lintels are also available to negate the need for steel over window and door openings.




Thick (mm) m2 / Pallet Blocks / Pallet
75 24.48 204
100 21.60 180
125 17.28 144
150 14.40 120
200 10.08 84
250 8.64 72
300 7.20 60


Thick (mm) m2 / Pallet Blocks / Pallet
100 11.52 96
150 7.20 60
200 5.76 48


Thick (mm) m2 / Pallet Blocks / Pallet
100 21.60 90


Thick (mm) m2 / Pallet Blocks / Pallet
100 21.60 180
150 14.40 120
200 34.56 288
225 32.40 240
250 28.80 192


Thick (mm) Height (mm) Length (mm) Supply
300 300 1200 Pallet
400 400 1500 Pallet


Length (mm) Height (mm) Opening Size (mm) Weight (kg)
1200 300 900 34.2
1900 300 1500 54.2
2200 300 1800 62.7
3000 400 2400 114


Length (mm) Height (mm) Opening Size (mm) Weight (kg)
1200 300 900 51.3
1900 300 1500 81.2
2200 300 1800 94.1
3000 400 2400 171


Length (mm) Height (mm) Opening Size (mm) Weight (kg)
1200 300 900 68.4
1900 300 1500 108
6000 600 5000 684

Wall Panels


Hebel Powerpanel is a lightweight, yet solid masonry panel that is ideally suited to external cladding for timber or steel frame construction in a wide variety of applications.

One Hebel Powerpanel is equivalent in area to around 72 standard bricks and Hebel building specialists can install them in 3 minutes, making it a much quicker installation alternative to bricks or blocks.

Hebel Panel Wall Systems are non-load-bearing external wall solutions for structures built using either timber or steel framing as an alternative to traditional brick veneer.

They are also an ideal re-cladding alternative for renovations or extensions.



Thick (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm) Profile Cuttable (mm) Wind Load (kPa)
150 600 5990 T&G Any length 1.5
150 600 5990 T&G Not Cuttable 1.0


Thick (mm) Width (mm) Maximum(mm) Profile
100 600 3500 T&G
125 600 4500 T&G, WA
150 600 6000 T&G, WA
175 600 6000 T&G
200 600 6000 T&G, WA
225 600 6000 NIL
250 600 6000 T&G, WA


Length (mm) Width (mm)
1200 600
2400 600
2400 300
2550 600
2700 600
2700 300
3000 300
2850 600
3000 600


Length (mm) Width (mm)
2700 450
3000 450


Floor Panels


Hebel Floor Panels are manufactured in various thicknesses for specific load/span configurations and provide an instant dry floor with excellent thermal and acoustic properties.




Thick (mm) Width (mm) Maximum (mm) Profile Cuttable (mm)
150 600 6000 DP Not Cuttable
175 600 6000 DP Not Cuttable
150 600 6000 DP Not Cuttable
200 600 6000 DP Not Cuttable
225 600 6000 DP Not Cuttable
250 600 6000 DP Not Cuttable

Sound Proofing


The composite action of this system delivers a solid feel floor with greater resistance to ‘bounce’ making SoundFloor an excellent stable base for tile, slate, marble and other hard surface flooring including bathrooms, laundry and other wet area applications.

Hebel SoundBarrier is a highly effective acoustic system that produces significant reductions in noise levels such as those emanating from roads, freeways and rail corridors.



Thick (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm) Profile Wind Load (kPa
100 600 3000 Nil 2.0
100 300 3000 Nil 2.0
100 600 4000 Nil 1.2
100 300 4000 Nil 2.0
125 600 4000 T&G 2.6
125 300 4000 T&G 2.6


Thick (mm) Width (mm) Maximum (mm) Profile
100 600 4000 Nil


Length (mm) Width (mm)
1800 600



Hebel PowerPanelXL panels are faster to install and require significantly less labour compared to traditional masonry construction techniques, which leads to substantial savings in site costs. This is why Hebel building specialists highly recommend them.

Being a lightweight concrete reinforced with steel, Hebel PowerPanelXL panels pass the critical ‘knock test’. They are lightweight yet solid and tough as a brick.

Hebel’s unique AAC construction provides superior insulation qualities for a masonry product.

For unit and  building owners, the thermal efficiencies of Hebel reduces the reliance on heating and cooling appliances – the combined effects of using a heater less in winter and fans or air conditioning less in summer and warmer months, can have a big impact on rising energy costs.

Hebel is non-combustible and renowned for its highly fire-resistant properties.

The PowerPanelXL External Wall System achieves an FRL (Fire Resistance Level) for up to 180 minutes (assessed by CSIRO). Highly fire resistant means peace of mind and added security for you and your family or customers.

Hebel pioneered the introduction of lightweight wall panels providing acoustic performance levels at or above Rw + Ctr = 50 in high-rise multi-residential buildings. A sound reason for better acoustic qualities.

As environmental consciousness and social responsibility increase, Hebel is striving to exceed further to set new sustainability standards in building materials and residential living. Hebel uses 61% and 64% less embodied energy and 64% and 55% less greenhouse gas emissions than the comparative products, concrete and brick veneer respectively.

Discover the Versatility of Hebel AAC Products

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Hebel AAC products stand as a versatile and indispensable choice across the construction industry, renowned for their non-combustible properties and adaptability.

At C&S Lightweight, we take pride in being both authorised suppliers and expert installers of Hebel products in Melbourne. Whether you’re considering applications for external walls, internal walls, floors, fencing, sound barriers, fire and acoustic walls, or fire tunnels, trust our team of Hebel building specialists to deliver quality, safety, and innovation to your construction projects.

Elevate your building projects with Hebel, and experience excellence with C&S Lightweight.

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