When you think of Hebel, you don’t normally think designer look. The autoclaved aerated concrete blocks have a very simple grey finish that’s perfect for rendering and getting that look you desire. However, with the new designer range, you can now get that designer look for the exterior of your home using Hebel.

The designer range comes in two options, the Hebel PowerProfile and the Hebel PowerPattern.

The PowerProfile utilises a universal backing clip that is fixed to the Hebel panel, an aluminium profile is then attached to the panel with the clip, mimicking the look of a metal standing seam for the perfect looking facade.

The PowerPattern on the other hand is simple Hebel panels with vertical grooves in the design. These grooves are available in different intervals, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm or 300mm and ready for a personalised coating.

With the designer look one would think there would have to be sacrifices in other areas, however that’s not the case. The Hebel designer range still consists of a 75mm thick Hebel panel, meaning you don’t lose any of the standard benefits of Hebel such as energy efficiency, fire resistance and much more.

To get the designer look using Hebel on your next build, be sure to contact us, Melbourne’s leading Hebel specialists.

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