As Melbourne’s leading Hebel specialists, we often get asked, where can Hebel be used?

The great thing about Hebel is that it comes in many different product types meaning it has a large range of application across various constructions.

Read below as we let you know where Hebel can be used on different sized jobs.


Hebel can be used in many applications in a residential build. The most obvious is the facade where Hebel PowerPanels can be installed and rendered for the perfect exterior. Hebel’s new PowerProfile can also be used on the facade and provides a more stylish look for modern homes. The plain blocks can also create fences and feature walls that come to life when rendered and painted.

Additionally, in double storey dwellings, the Hebel PowerFloor works well in between levels with fantastic acoustic and thermal performance.


A multi-residential build has many of the same characteristics as a single dwelling, in that Hebel can be used as a facade and in between levels.

The PowerPanel50 has been specifically designed for multi-residential settings, creating the perfect party wall that’s easy to install.


Hebel has multiple applications for high-rise apartments and similar buildings such as hotels and student accommodation.

There’s Hebel options for intertenancy walls, corridors, shaft walls, service walls, facades, balconies and floors.

Commercial & Industrial

Commercial and industrial can comprise of many different builds, from warehouse walls to sound barriers. And of course, there’s a Hebel panel suitable for just about any part of the build. The PowerPanel+ is a popular panel for use in the commercial space with solidity and durability its two main assets.